Who is Wordsmith Wes?


My writing alter ego can’t outrun a train, jump over buildings in a single bound and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable in a bat suit (can’t say for certain though). Put him in front of a keyboard though and he’ll prove he can write super copy.

I’ve worked more than eight years as a copywriter and senior copywriter at Cabela’s, one of the largest U.S. specialty retailers. Now I’m offering my copywriting skills to your business. I know how to use words to sell. As you can see from my samples, copywriting and SEO articles are two of my specialties. With experience as a journalist, I know the importance of a hook and how to weave an interesting story to keep readers engaged.

If you need superhero-quality writing please send me an email, or if you’re feeling ambitious, shine a WW signal against the night sky (works like the bat signal). The next impressive piece of writing you read should be one destined for your business.